Works : Thinking by Images
Texts by Giancarlo Ricci

2009 - cm. 15x15

Francesca Magro, "Catacombe", 2009.
Francesca Magro, "Eccoli Adamo ed Eva", 2009.

Eccoli Adamo ed Eva
2009 - cm. 15x15

2009 - cm. 15x15

Francesca Magro, "Homunculus", 2009.
Francesca Magro, "Lei si volta", 2009.

Lei si volta
2009 - cm. 15x15

Francesca Magro, "Trionfante l'Imperatore", 2009.

Trionfante l'Imperatore
2009 - cm. 15x15

No more a psychoanalysis “implemented” for art or theorical concepts which interpret the art work, sound it out, read it again, discover its hidden plots.
No more a psychoanalysis considering the figurative work like it were the expression of the artistís unconscious.

Not nearly: letting the non-involvement of the image prevails, allowing that the other pulsating heart of the art work remains in its place, in an unreachable sacredness.

This way only, maybe, we are able to think by images, to find in the “crazy flight” of the images the movement of an audacious, bizarre, inconceivable thought.
It happens then that, watching and watching again, we find a scene in front of our eyes.
It is a scene without words, but which speaks to us.
We try to give a voice and a story to it, risking. Or better running the same risk taken by the artist through her action.
The unconscious is surely on our side.

Giancarlo Ricci, 2010