Frame from a video about Francesca Magro.

Monotype Francesca Magro

Video on the monotypes created by Francesca Magro at Ivan Pengo’s Stamperia d'Arte 74/b, Milan. Music by Stefano Gueresi. Video produced by Andrea Angelucci. 2019.
Video length: 2'48"

Comments on A pelle, Artist’s book by Francesca Magro

Video commentary on the creation of A pelle, Francesca Magro’s Artist’s book realized in 2015. Reflections and comments by Francesca Magro, Moreno Chiodini, and Ivan Pengo. Video produced by Andrea Angelucci. 2019.
Video length: 8'14"

Francesca Magro, Artist, interview with Ketty Carraffa, Spazio Tadini

Ketty Carraffa’s interview with Francesca Magro at Spazio Tadini, Milan, in the framework of “We are all Artemisia, Women’s Day 8th of March, 2017", series of interviews on women’s professionalism and victories published in “Milano Arte Expo”, online magazine directed by Francesco Tadini and edited by Melina Scalise. 2017.
Video length: 2'26"

Francesca Magro A Pelle

Video presentation of the Artist’s Book A pelle by Francesca Magro. Presented by Chiara Gatti, short stories by Giancarlo Ricci, Chiara Gatti, Laura Pigozzi, and Rosalba Maletta. Video produced by Andrea Angelucci. Music by Stefano Gueresi. 2016.
Video length: 3'25"

Francesca Magro and Giancarlo Ricci. Conversation in Milan, Arte Expo Magazine

Francesca Magro and Giancarlo Ricci. Conversation in Milan, Arte Expo Magazine Video of the conversation between Francesca Magro and Giancarlo Ricci, during Milano Arte Expo: Conversazioni. “The Body and the Art”: first part of the dialogue between artist Francesca Magro and psychoanalyst Giancarlo Ricci. Video produced by Spazio Tadini Cultural Centre and Contemporary Art Gallery, Milan. 2014.
Video length: 9'02"

Francesca Magro The Sign Incarnate

Video on Francesca Magro’s recent graphic production, which is part of the cycle The Sign Incarnate, realised between 2011 and 2012. The video is accompanied by the contributions of the artist, of Luca Pietro Nicoletti, Giancarlo Ricci, Silvia Cuppini and Roberto Travaglini. The shot and the editing have been realised by Andrea Angelucci. 2013.
Video length: 12'31"

"The Sign Incarnate" Exhibition by Francesca Magro, City Museum, Urbino

Video about Francesca Magro’s engraving exhibition, organized from 8th March until 8th May, 2013 c/o the City Museum, Palazzo Bonaventura Odasi of Urbino (PU) and cured by Silvia Cuppini. The exhibition reports the graphic production which is part of the The Sign Incarnate cycle, realised in 2012.
Video length: 2'26"

"Ultra Human" Exhibition by Francesca Magro, Spazio Tadini, Milan

Video reporting about the exhibition of Francesca Magro’s works from the cycle Ultra Human, realised on the occasion of her personal exhibition c/o Spazio Tadini of Milan. 2012.
Video length: 3'05"

The Well-being Academy: Existing is Communicating

Video realised by "L'accademia del ben-essere", with texts by Maria Giovanna Farina and works by Francesca Magro. 2012.
Video length: 5'37"