Juri Roverato in "Deambula", 2011
  • 2019
    • “Not only Paint: Close Encouters between and with Artists”, Spazio Casa Museo, Milan, organized by Melina Scalise and Francesco Tadini
  • 2016
    • “Utopia and the Test of Humanism”, Utopian Workshop, University of Milan, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, PhD in Linguistic, Literary and Intercultural Studies in European and Extra-European Perspectives, organized by Rosalba Maletta
    • “Body and Fashion - 12 Nations 20 International Artists – Art Symposium”, at Hotel San Rocco, Lago d'Orta San Giulio. Organized by Vittorio Tonon
    • “Aesthetics and Politics of Life - languages and poetics of the human scene for the third millennium”, University of Milan, PhD in Linguistic, Literary and Intercultural Studies in European and Extra-European Perspectives, organized by Rosalba Maletta
  • 2015
    • Presentation of Francesca Magro’s Artist’s book “A Pelle – L'immagine si fa testo e il testo si fa voce” (“A Pelle – The Image becomes Text and the Text becomes Voice”), Sala della Musica, at Villa Litta Borromeo (Lainate, Milan). Speakers: Giancarlo Ricci, Chiara Gatti, Rosalba Maletta, Laura Pigozzi and Francesca Magro. Organized by Walter Lanticina in collaboration with Milanoprintmakers Ivan Pengo, with Andrea Angelucci’s short film and music by Stefano Gueresi, Live theatre performance. Amici di Villa Litta with the sponsorship of Lainate Municipality and Lainate Culture Department
  • 2014
    • “From the Myth to the Body”, during “Conversations in the Atelier – Cultural evenings in the Library”, at Art High School of Castello Sforzesco of Milan, in collaboration with Moreno Chiodini
  • 2012
    • Francesca Magro “Oltre Uomo” (Ultra Human) – dance-theatre show inspired by Francesca Magro’s works, realized by Federicapaola Capecchi’s Compagnia Opificio Trame with Nange Magro’s costumes, through a Federicapaola Capecchi and Francesco Tadini’s idea, at Spazio Tadini, Milan, in the context of “2012 3rd edition Art Choreography” with the sponsorship of Milan Province and the Culture Department of Milan Municipality
  • 2011
    • Francesca Magro “The Body and the Flesh” – pages of painting and psychoanalysis, presentation and conversation by Luca Pietro Nicoletti, Giancarlo Ricci, Melina Scalise and Francesca Magro, Sala Elsa Varalli, Sesto Calende Municipality, guests of Verbano Photocinevideoclub with the cooperation of the Culture Department of Sesto Calende (VA) Municipality
  • From
    • Collaboration with the “L'Accento di Socrate” on-line philosophical magazine, edited by Maria Giovanna Farina
    • Collaboration with the online philosophical magazine “L'Accento di Socrate”, edited by Maria Giovanna Farina
  • 2010
    • “Deambula” - Performance by Juri Roverato, inspired by “Deambula” work by Francesca Magro, Spazio Tadini, Milan. This performance is part of the 2010 2nd edition “Art Choreography”, Federica Paola Capecchi and Francesco Tadini’s project, on the occasion of the Day dedicated to theatre therapy with FIT (International Federation of Theatre therapy, Politeama Association, Opus Personae, Juri Roverato, Francesca Magro, Giordano Moranti, Cesi Barazzi and Walter Orioli, organized by Spazio Tadini
  • 2009
    • Collaboration with the psychoanalyst and essayist Giancarlo Ricci at the presentation of the book “L'uomo,la macchina, l'automa” (“the Man, the Machine, the Robot”, ed. Bollati Boringhieri) written by philosopher Carlo Sini, with over 120 drawings
    • Participation in the event “Freud and the Berlin Wall” with 59 drawings, in collaboration with Giancarlo Ricci, Florinda Cambria (philosopher), Maria Vittoria Lodovichi (psychoanalyst), Rosalba Maletta (germanist) and Carlo Sini, Casa Museo Spazio Tadini, Milan