Francesca Magro, "Donna seduta", 2012 (detail).

Diversities inside ourselves

by Roberto Travaglini, 2011

(The following text is an extract of the original critical text)

The artistic works of a woman who is considerably immersed in today’s vicissitudes of the world, well express the historic hiatus – which is full of anguishes today – between mind and body, in the programmatic abilities of the human mind, its technologic artifices and physiological existential needs; and Francesca Magro, mature painter from Bergamo, with the critical irony of the one who intercepts and rethinks the anxieties of the modernity, traces on the paper, sometimes like notes in a notebook – quick ideas that leave a sign – impossible but conceivable fragmented bodies, and that are reset and living through mechanical and imaginary hybridizations.

The easthetic hardihood evokes the weight of the separation, of the breaking and detatchment from the PRIMIGENIO organic sense of the whole, and she does it elegantly with sensitive, repeated, embracing, sensual, insistent scratches, which deeply act as a catalyst upon the intimate gaze of the interlocutor.

With respect to the classic pictorial representation of the body consistency, Magro’s fragmentary dilemma representation leads us, with a critical awareness, to the unexpressed desire of the modern man to find the lost complexity again, to reset the intimate sense of disintegration.
Nevertheless it is also the dramatic awareness by the contemporary status of the human and social multiplicity, of the several possible individual identities, of the necessary varied contextualization of the being, which changes in the different contexts of adaptation, answering to an innate (biological and anthropological) adapting push.