Francesca Magro, "Piccola danza cibernetica alfa", 2012 (detail).

Francesca Magro Special Correspondent

by Francesco Tadini, 2013

text in the catalogue “The sign incarnate”

Francesca Magro draws bodies which don't actually designate bodies. De signum; to portray the shape or form of a subject by means of lines. Francescaís drawings do something else, they almost seem to forget human anatomy and seem to reach out for a biotechnological ultra human. A mutant hero. Cartilage becomes gimbals. Blood becomes lubrication fluids, placenta and amniotic liquids are transformed into chemical baths which generate artificial limbs replete with filaments, wool and strange prosthetic extensions which suggest invisible laboratories where their future is programmed intertwining them with neoplasic outlines which release powdery anionic colour.

Or rather: Francesca isnít simply etching the origin of the next marvel super hero but the result of a catastrophe/creation. She can only thus bear witness to the genesis of a new world. The old world is finished, annihilated, and the new world is taking shape. Like any other form born from a previous one, containing it inside itself.