Francesca Magro, "Corpi fluidi", 2011 (detail).

Francesca and her singular vision
A Reflection on the Works of Francesca Magro

by Andrea Angelucci, 2013

text in the catalogue “The sign incarnate”

As a professional photographer I can only say itís been a privilege to document Francesca Magroís work. What has struck me the most is the ease and speed with which the work is executed, almost as if there were no separation between artist and art, independently of the form this takes. In line drawing as well as in etching Francescaís line is a continuous one, a continuous thought which, when finished, becomes unexpected form.
Her sign has a certain instinctive, irrational flair. Drawings on paper have the same simplicity and value as a fully developed painting. Thus her sketchbooks, happened upon by chance in a drawer in her studio, surprised me for their limitless beauty. Full of preparatory drawings these sketchbooks reveal all the artist's urgency of expression.
Not just a collection of works but a work of art in itself with its unique characteristic of being used and worn and being manageable, thus offering the photographer a freedom of approach and intimacy rarely possible with most finished works of art.